Good Thing the Mets are Strapped for Cash

Take a look at these contracts:

  • Jayson Werth – 7y/$126M
  • Carl Crawford – 7y/$142M
  • Cliff Lee – 7y/$???M

Suddenly I am glad the Mets have a tight budget this year. There is a limited supply of talent available because teams have been locking up players in their arbitration years, before they have the opportunity to test free agency. The smaller the supply of stars, the higher the demand and the greater the salary/years.

These contracts are ridiculous. Jayson Werth will be almost 40 when his deal is done. Carl Crawford? Late 30s. Cliff Lee? Same answer. The Johan Santana trade was necessary, but that contract is an albatross as well. Despite a lackluster season in 2010, Jason Bay’s deal suddenly looks decent.

Sandy Alderson said the team will not be offering large multi-year deals to any free agents. Right-handed reliever D.J. Carrasco was given a two year deal at a small price. Ronny Paulino signed a one year contract. Alderson is looking to acquire another starter on a one year deal.

In related news, the Mets selected Pedro Beato in the Rule V draft this morning. They had previously drafted him in 2005 out of Xaverian HS and failed to sign him, much to the dismay of fans. Beato will be in the mix for a job in the bullpen. For him to remain on the team he must stick all year, otherwise he will be returned back to Baltimore.

They also picked up infielder Brad Emaus out of Toronto. Emaus looks to be in the mix at second base. Only looking at his numbers, he brings a solid stick and good eye at the plate. Apparently his defense is questionable, and therefore could be in play for the utility infielder role.


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