Optimistic for 2011…Excited for 2012!

With the new regime running the Mets, I am outwardly optimistic about the 2011 season.  I am anxious to see the changes that will be made and how the core players react to a new manager, new gm, and even the new clubhouse guy.  I am optimistic about the team coming together and playing good hard baseball that is fundamentally sound.  I will not judge the season on wins or losses, I will judge it on how hard they play.  I understand that it is an uphill battle, dealing with money spent poorly in the past while trying to make a high market team play on a low market budget, but I think it will be fun to watch.

As much as I am optimistic for 2011, I am down right excited for 2012.  I think that will be the true test as to what Sandy Alderson can do in a main stream market with actual money to spend.  I can’t fathom the moves he will make, but I am confident in the way this team is heading.  I bleed orange and blue and no matter what will love the Mets, but I can’t wait for them to be an exciting, contending team again.

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