Terry Collins on WFAN

This may be a bit late, but I don’t listen to WFAN much anymore now that I do not own a car. I caught the Terry Collins interview with Boomer and Carton last night on television, and a few things caught my attention.

He talked about the old regime, which is something that usually isn’t done. He specified that too much time in ST was focused on remembering what happened the last few years. Collins says it is time to move on from that.

Second base is a wide open competition. Great to hear.

He will talk to Beltran about moving to right field. If that is a smooth transition, that could be fantastic. Never underestimate the ego of a star in a walk year, however.

Collins emphasized how dedicated David Wright was in mini-camp last year, when he did not need to be there. Daniel Murphy was right behind Wright.

Thole earned the right to be the #1 catcher.

Davis is a Gold Glove caliber first baseman who “is a baseball player.” I am not a fan of that phrase but he felt Davis was ready last year because he has the ability to adjust.


Color me impressed by Collins. He seems like a no-nonsense guy that will be a great communicator with the players. I think he will really resonate with guys like Wright, Murphy, Thole, Davis and Pagan. Let’s hope he can juggle the egos of Beltran, K-rod, and Perez. And if he can get Reyes to elevate his game, then the Mets offense should have no problems this season.

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