Steve Phillips: Still Not a GM

Matt Cerrone posted a link to an AOL video where Steve Phillips lays out his 2010-11 off-season plan for the Mets, the team he once was the General Manager. After viewing his plan, I am thankful he is no longer the GM today.

In short, it was:

  • Keep Beltran
  • Trade for Prince Fielder (or another #4 hitter)
  • Get the O-Dog, Orlando Hudson
  • Dump Ollie Perez right now
  • Sign Cliff Lee, quietly (how is this possible?)
  • Stand behind K-rod

As Cerrone pointed out, this would be an increase in payroll by a billion dollars…or something like that. And the Mets don’t have a billion dollars to spend.

It is not realistic but it is fun. It would be a formidable offense, a solid rotation at full strength, and a terrible bullpen. Oh, right. He forgot about that one. K-rod and Parnell…the Phillies and Braves are really shakin’.

I am all for keeping Beltran. He belongs on the team in right field, if that is possible. Ike Davis should be the 1B for the next few years, period. Unless the NL adopts the DH, there is no way Prince Fielder makes it to Queens. Orlando Hudson should have been a Met in 2008…not 2011. Cliff Lee is a dangerous signing given his age. K-rod? I hope he gets 54 finishes (or whatever won’t make his option guaranteed at $17M for 2012).

The current Mets team is at best an 85-86 win team if everything breaks right. The team Phillips constructed is maybe an 87-88 win team for a billion more dollars. That’s not a very good price for 1-3 more wins. Should’ve planned for a bullpen in your video, GQ.



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