Metsopolis is back…and some Mets thoughts

Happy Friday Everyone!

This winter I will have some more free time, so I will dedicate some of it to the site. Hope you enjoy it.

On Tuesday the Mets will hold a press conference for their new manager. This may be the most uninteresting news of the off-season. Bob Melvin, Terry Collins, and Chip Hale are all so bland. Wally Backman has some flavor but I don’t think he will be given a shot. They’d prefer to keep him in the minors. I envision Melvin getting the nod since he’s been studying the Mets for the last year. Hale will stay on as bench coach/3B coach. Collins will stay in the minors. Backman will got to high A.

In general, I expect this off-season to be dull. This is similar to the Knicks last year, waiting for terrible contracts to expire to free up spending room. Let’s hope that Sandy Alderson can put a better team on the field than Donnie Walsh did this season.



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